Our digital distinction

Data Management Office 1

Our Data Management Office is taking major steps to increase our operational efficiency under the “Big Data Centered Transformation” project and is shaping the future of digital banking.

Mobile and Internet Banking channels 2

We regularly update our Mobile and Internet Banking channels with user-friendly interfaces and advanced functions to offer the next level of digital experience.

Artificial intelligence chat assistant Fi’bot 3

Fi’bot, our artificial intelligence chat assistant, chats with and instantly responds to inquiries from all our visitors, regardless of whether they are our customers or not, on a 24/7 basis through fibabanka.com.tr, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant.

“Instant Loan” when needed 4

Thanks to our investments in financial technologies, we are able to develop quick and convenient solutions for our personal customers and offer them the opportunity to receive an “Instant Loan” at sales points.

Accelerated business processes with Robot-X 5

The Robot-X platform introduced a new perspective into our business processes. We developed nearly 50 processes and achieved a workforce figure of nearly 100 FTE (full-time equivalent) hours with this platform.

R&D Center 6

In collaboration with Özyeğin University Technology Transfer Office, we launched the Fibabanka R&D Center to develop innovative products and services that could shape the future of the finance sector. We are continuously increasing the number of our value-added projects and academic initiatives through strong collaboration with universities and fintech companies.

Employees with high analytical literacy 7

We trust in our human resources. We always pay meticulous attention to recruiting the right employees, developing their skills and knowledge through training, and are building the future of banking with them.

Remote customer onboarding with Video Banking technology 8

Videos have become a prominent part of our lives. With our Video Banking service, we are leveraging the power of videos to enable people to become a customer of our bank in the easiest way possible.

Instant measurement of customer satisfaction with NPS 9

We continue to invest in instant Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement to closely monitor the pulse of our customers and maximize the level of customer satisfaction.

Wide range of products and services through digital channels 10

Our customers can easily access our products and services through our digital channels. Our personal customers can trade with live exchange rates through FibaFX, our currency trading platform.
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