Where is Fibabanka in life?

Anywhere with a mobile phone 1

With our entire range of banking products and services, we are just a phone call away from our customers.

Anywhere with internet connectivity 2

Regardless of where our customers are located, the Fibabanka Mobile app is available 24/7. We are there for our customers whenever they need us, whether they are sitting in a park, working at the office or during half-time of a football match.

At electronics stores 3

Accessing electronics has never been so convenient! We offer an interest-free and cost-free shopping experience for electronics, eliminating the need for a credit card.

At retail stores 4

Our customers can enjoy the instant Shopping Loan opportunity that Fibabanka provides at leading retail stores throughout Turkey.

In hospitals and schools 5

We are also here to support our customers’ health and education needs.

At e-shopping 6

We are at the service of our customers on various online platforms where millions of products for different needs and tastes, from electronics to textiles, kitchenware and artisanal handicrafts, are being sold.

At grocery shopping 7

Grocery shopping is an integral part of our daily lives. With Shopping Loan, we offer unique advantages and convenience in grocery shopping.

In the kitchenware and tableware sector 8

It is quicker and easier than ever to update your kitchenware and tableware. As Fibabanka, we are pleased to offer this opportunity to our customers.

At fuel stations 9

We are there for our customers during their road trips as well. We offer unique advantages to our customers in collaboration with the brands that have the most extensive network of fuel stations in Turkey.

At investment transactions 10

As Fibabanka, we provide our customers with a complete set of advantages in their investments.
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